Kids Camp

Summer Kids Cricket Camp

OCL is very excited to start conducting Cricket camp for youth beginning this year 2013. All kids of 5+ age are welcome to join. OCL members will be teaching kids about Cricket basics fundamentals and also holding practice sessions on the grounds.

Please refer to the Schedule page for dates, times and location.

Following are some of the activities that are planned for the these kids camps.

OCL Cricket Camp for Kids Structure and Activities


  • Name, age, how long have you played cricket

Basic Batting Skills

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Straight Bat Drills
  • Front foot stroke drills
  • Back foot Stroke Drills

Basic Bowling Skills

  • Cartwheel Motion
  • Run-up
  • Gather
  • Feet in a line on delivery stride
  • Front on or side on

Basic Fielding Skills

  • Catching technique
  • Catching drills
  • Throwing Technique
  • Throwing Drills
  • Pick-up and Throw Drills
  • Long barrier Drills

Match Simulation

  • Form teams
  • Appoint Captain
  • Batting Order
  • Bowling Order
  • Field Placements
  • Scoring
  • Result


  • Had out Cricket Explained Write-up (need to make copies) and ask kids to read it as homework
  • Hand out Cricket Fundamental Quiz #1 and ask kids to fill it out and bring it at next session