Official Scoring App


Starting this season, we will have a dedicated Scoring App to be used by ALL cricket clubs. We have partnered with  nXtreme and will be using their Cricket Scoring App called nxCricket. They have been generous enough to include settings into their app that enable scoring using OCL rules easier. These settings allow us to change the score for a wide ball during the game and defining if the wide ball counts as a legal delivery or not. These are substantial features that will simplify scoring and keeping scorecards moving forward.

More information about the app and nXtreme can be found below:

nxCricket-HD for iPad

nxCricket for iPhone

OCL has also created custom tutorials, listed below,  for the OCL members and clubs on how to use this app to score during games as per OCL standards as well as manage your team stats.

nxCricket App Tutorial 1 (General Training)

nxCricket App Tutorial 2 (Transfer score-sheets and other data)

nxCricket App Tutorial 3 (Edit existing score-sheets)